PACK (includes pack liner & pack cover)

The most common materials for such packs are canvas and nylon, either ripstop fabric for lightweight packs or heavier fabric such as cordura for more typical usage. All our packs are purpose-designed for the outdoors market. The cheaper versions of the outdoor packs that are often favoured by city trekkers are not available at Bev's Hire.

Most of our outdoors packs, can hold two to three day's worth of gear and supplies (sizes about 40-60 litres). Larger packs designed for longer-duration trips (60-100 litres) are also available. All of our larger packs include complex ergonomic support features to simplify the carrying of large amounts of weight.

Booking Deposit

A non-refundable $50 booking deposit is required per person. This can be paid with pay-pal or by internet banking.